Sleep Has His House

This Edition: British reprint
Published 1973
Peter Owen Limited
London, U.K.

Originally published as "House of Sleep"
New York: Doubleday, 1947
Published as "Sleep Has His House"
London: Cassell, 1948

Current edition: 2002
Peter Owen Publishers, London, U.K.
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Since her death in 1968, there has been a strong revival of interest in Anna Kavan's work. Sleep Has His House, combining autobiography with surrealist experimentation, deserves to rank with the author's best works.

In her foreword Anna Kavan writes: 'Life is tension or the result of tension; without tension the creative impulse cannot exist. If human life be taken as the result of tension between the two polarities night and day, night, the negative pole, must share equal importance with the positive day. At night, under the influence of cosmic radiations quite different from those of the day, human affairs are apt to come to a crisis. At night most human beings die and are born. Sleep Has His House describes in the night-time language certain stages in the development of one individual human being. No interpretation is needed of this language we have all spoken in childhood and in our dreams; but for the sake of unity a few words before every section indicate the corresponding events of the day.'

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